Our values

High product quality and sustainable action is part of our corporate identity!


The stable quality of our products and services is one of the foundations of our successful business activity.

For us, quality means meeting the demands of our customers in the best possible way. Acting quality-consciously also means using valuable resources efficiently and carefully.

Quality is lived at BALLERSTAEDT:

The quality management system of BALLERSTAEDT & CO. OHG is part of the overall, comprehensive management system.

Our integrated management system covers the areas of quality, environment, social responsibility, occupational health and safety and hygiene management according to HACCP.

It is based on the requirements of the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 (quality management systems), DIN EN ISO 14001 (environmental management systems) and HACCP as well as the legal obligations, the specifications and objectives of our corporate policy.


Sustainability is understood as a triad of ecological, economic and social aspects that are equally taken into account when achieving our goals. Our goal is to use resources responsibly in order to satisfy the needs of our customers and stakeholders and thus preserve our world for future generations.

To evaluate and continuously improve our sustainability activities, we are a member of the EcoVadis network. Our performance was last rated with a silver medal in the Sustainability Rating in October 2023. Please feel free to request our scorecard!

Detailed information on the topic of sustainability at BALLERSTAEDT can also be found in our annual CSR report.

Sustainable procurement

In order to operate successfully and sustainably in the market, we rely on long-term, fair and cooperative relationships with our suppliers and expect all our partners to comply with labour law, ethical and environmental standards.

The plastic and aluminium composite materials used for the production of the sealing lids are only sourced from selected suppliers, 95% of which are based in Germany and Europe.

Our sealing machines are manufactured exclusively in Germany.

Sustainable products

The main material for our sealing lids is aluminium. As a packaging material, it guarantees absolute protection against external influences such as light, foreign aromas or oxygen. Our customers‘ products are thus reliably protected and have a longer shelf life. Aluminum is fully recyclable without any loss of quality.

Furthermore, we offer mono-materials, that can be used for sealing in order to be able to dispense with composite materials and to increase the recyclability in the circulation system.

Environmental protection

Conservation of resources and environmental protection is our top priority!
We see it as our duty to reduce the environmental damage caused by our company to the minimum possible within the scope of our economic and technical possibilities and by means of well thought-out processes.
Our environmental management system is based on the requirements of ISO 14001:2015. In 2023 we will enter phase I of the certification process according to this norm.
The environmental management system of BALLERSTAEDT & CO. OHG is also part of the integrated management system.

In the manufacture of our products, emissions are reduced to a minimum and hazardous substances are only used in extremely small quantities and under strict control.
Furthermore, no water is used in production, which excludes the possibility of causing contamination.
To preserve our environment, the entire company premises have been extensively planted with native trees and bushes.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Our declared goal is to make the processes at the Rastatt site climate- neutral.
The Corporate Carbon Footprint determined as part of the annual EcoVadis assessment serves as the basis for taking comprehensive climate protection measures:

In order to save energy and use renewable energies, we produce solar power and cover around 80% of our electricity needs with it.
For the remaining demand, we purchase 100% green electricity, which is generated exclusively from renewable energy plants. You can find more information on this in our green electricity certificate.
For heating purposes, we use 50% biogas.
The mobility of our employees is also included in the measures. For example, 80% of our company fleet already consists of electric and hybrid vehicles.

Social responsibility

With our Code of Conduct, we commit ourselves to ethical and trustworthy behaviour in all our business activities. Honesty, respect and fairness in our dealings with each other, with our customers and employees, and with our business partners are the focus here.

We are firmly opposed to child and forced labour, discrimination and corruption and are committed to respecting, protecting and promoting our employees.

We also place these demands on our business partners and suppliers!

Furthermore, we support regional and social projects and thus make a valuable contribution to social development in our region.