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We always focus on our customers and their requirements. Therefore we offer a wide range of services which you may not have expected. These include our Total Sealing Management. This not only covers the delivery and supply of devices, systems and sealing materials, but we will also provide comprehensive consultancy and service, starting from a recommendation for the suitable containers to the suitable sealing technlogy and all the way to pilot trials.

The result: Customized packaging media and machinery matching the exact application. 

Peeling tests
So that the end consumer can easily peel off and open the sealed jar, all seal parameters must be perfectly to that purpose. In our lans we test and measure the force required in peeling tests on the seals, and with this information provide the customers with the sealing parameters.

Our service - your benefit: a uniform seal seam tightness!

Product compatibility testsBefore using new packaging and sealing foils commpatibility tests should be carried out. An accelerated storage test in a heating cabinet will provide a reliable statement on the product compatibility of the sealing media employed.

Our service your benefit: Safet in the selection of suitable sealing foils!

In case you have special requirements do not hesitate  to get in touch: Our staff will always be available to listen to you and your pecifications. Contact us.

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Save on time, money and worries: With our service all around your sealing project we provide you with a hassle-free and stream-lined service which will take all these worries off your mind. It's all so easy: Tell us what you need, and we'll deal with that. Interested? Just call us or send us an email.
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