Protecting originality

in an appealing form

We seal plastic (PE, PP, PS, PET, PA)
on glass, coated metal sheet
and aluminium.

Flat aluminum seals

various material specifications and designs


Aluminium seal platelets are mainly used in the cosmetic, pharmaceuticals and food industries. They are applied using fully automatic packaging production lines (e.g. BaCo 2500 and BaCo 3600).

The platelets are available in any shape and size.


Advantages and warranties

  • Quality protection,
  • Protection against light, oxygen, germs, water vapour and off aromas
  • Protection of originilaty and genuineness.


  • Numbers: from 10,000, depending on size
  • With or without print
  • If required, embossed logo

Application areas

  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmacy
  • Food