Protecting originality

in an appealing form

We seal plastic (PE, PP, PS, PET, PA)
on glass, coated metal sheet
and aluminium.

Protecting originality -

Aluminium seals in all sizes, shape and colours.

When it comes to sealing containers we have the perfect solution for every case. Our aluminium seals are either permanent, or also peelable, coming off with any residues.

BALLERSTAEDT aluminium seals guarantee

  • Originality and genuineness/li>
  • Protection against light, oxygen, germs and off aromas
  • absolutely leakproof.

We manufacture seals to beused on plastic (PE, PP, PS, PET, PA), glass, coated metal sheet and aluminium. We maintain stocks of over 40 different material qualities, so that we are able to flexibly react and meet our customers requirements.

Normally we distinguish between flat aluminium sheets, which are especially suitable for atomatic processing, recessed seals, which can easily be ccentred by hand, and single part induction insert seals, which are mainly used when packaging with screw-on lids.

Aluminium seals are available as punch outs or on reels. These can be embossed orprinted, and they are available  in various sizes and shapes.

Flat aluminium seals

Various material specifications and designs

Reel material

Alternative to punched platelets

Receed aluminium seals

receed shape or cap shape make application easier

Induction seal insert

Reliable sealing of various containers