Single Stop Supplier

For All Your Needs

BALLERSTAEDT & CO. OHG is your absolute specialist with
broad detailed expertise in the field of sealing technology.
As a system provider we are here for you to cover your
needs in auminium seals including the right sealing
devices and systems for your special purposes.

Properly filled, tightly sealed –

Sealing and filling machines for various requirements.

We are system providers, and we supply our customers with sealing devices and entire systes, including manual sealing devices all the way to fully automatic filling, sealing, and finishing system. We guarantee a user-friendly design and easist handling.

BALLERSTAEDT Sealing devices, units and systems

Conduction sealing units

Our sealing devices are:

  •  user-friendly
  • easy handling
  • integratable in existing fillling and packaging lines
  • economical

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Induction sealing devices

Easy and simple induction sealing of containers.