Conduction Sealing Devices

Our sealing devices are:

  • user-friendly
  • easy to handle
  • integratable in existing filling and packaging lines
  • economical

BaCo 3600

Fully automatic filling, sealing and finishing system,

suitable for pasty to liquid filling media for plastic, glass or metal container.

Equipment features

  • Complete transport format set
  • 12-fold stepped jar transport with mehanical overload coupling
  • Electrical connections for the integration of an inductive sealing unit (see options)
  • Filling unit with turnstyle slide dosage aggregate
  • 40 l filling funnel
  • Electronic volume adjustment
  • Foil dispenser with pre-sealing
  • Thermal conductive sealing unit
  • Automatic central lubrication (low maintenance)
  • Integrates transport belt
  • Protective glazing in aluminium / Makrolon(R)
  • Central cntinuou height adjustment of belts and guides via manual wheel
  • Integrated screwing unit
  • Integrated PLC control Siemens S7

Technical Specifications


  • Inductive sealing unit, incl. generator and solenoid, 1 kW
  • Feed disc plate for jars resp lids
  • Automatic lid sorter for suppplying the screwing unit
  • Compensator (2 oder 6 l)
  • Feed belt with UV lamp for germ-free irradiation

Sealing parameters

  • Plastic jars: max. 3.600 pc./h (conductive)
  • Glass jars: max. 3.600 pc./h (inductive) (inductive)
  • Glass jars: max. 1.900 pc./h (conductive)
  • Filling ranges: 5 ml – max. 500 ml

The maximum performance of the system depends on the filling volume and product viscosity, the sealing technology and sealability of the containers and ease of applying the lids and seals

Electrical connection

  • Power supply: 3-400 V, +6/-10% max.
  • Grid frequency: 50 Hz
  • Feed line: 5x2,5 mm²
  • Fuse: max. 3x20 A
  • Power: approx. 5 kW
  • Field rotation: clockwise


  • (H x W x D) 120 cm x 99 cm x 210 mm
  • Transport belt length approx. 250 cm

Compressed air

  • Min. pressure: > 7 bar
  • Operating pressure: 6 bar
  • Fitting: ½“