Conduction Sealing Devices

Our sealing devices are:

  • user-friendly
  • easy to handle
  • integratable in existing filling and packaging lines
  • economical

BaCo 2400

automatic filling, foil application, sealing and capping system

This machine is available in the following versions: Fill/Seal, Fill/Cap, Seal/Cap, Fill/Seal/Cap

Equipment features

  • machine frame from aluminium profile
  • indexing transport system for jars
  • horizontally working conveyor for jar infeed and discharge
  • position control for jars in indexing rotary transport
  • dosing pump from 1.4404 for manual dismantling and cleaning adjustable from 0 – MAX by handwheel, dosing volume: 20 – 105 ml, piston Ø 35
  • 1 x 10 l hopper with level control, MIN-MAX signal for product supply pump
  • filling nozzles driven by Lin Mot – e-motor
  • pick and place system for pre-cut foils from magazines driven by Lin Mot – e-motor
  • 1 spot sealer to fix the foil at the sealing rim of the jars
  • sealing system with conduction sealing head 1200 W
  • capping station with Lin Mot – e-motor
  • infeed conveyor for caps
  • electric cabinet with operation panel fixed to machine frame
  • manual central lubrication system for chains and bearings
  • safety doors with aluminium profile frame and windows from makrolon