Conduction Sealing Devices

Our sealing devices are:

  • user-friendly
  • easy to handle
  • integratable in existing filling an packaging lines
  • economical

BaCo 1800

Fully automatic foil application and sealing machine

suitable for plastic, metal and glass containers.

Procedure: The container are placed on the feed belt manually or automatically and the magazine is filled with seals. After the sealing temperature has been reached the system can be started.



  • Mobile base
  • Feed belt with feed inspection of the containers
  • Stepped turnstyle with receptacles for the containers as a form part
  • Adjustable outer ring as a container guide through the machine with diameters of 30 to 110 mm Ø
  • Foil magazine to receive pre-punched aluminium seals
  • Pneumatically controlled foil applicator with precise, maintenance-free 180° revolving gear to take seals from the magazine and apply them to the container rim for pre-sealing
  • Sealing station to shut the containers with sealing temperature control, sealing pressure and time for theoptimmum adjustment of the sealing parameters (conduktive and inductive)
  • Exit belt for sealed containers
  • Central height adjustment of the magazine plate to adapt to respective container height (max. 200 mm)
  • Overall protective cover panels
  • Operating panel with E-supply process

Technical specification

Electrical connection

  • Power supply: 3 ~ 400 V. +6/-10% max.
  • Grid frequency: 50 Hz
  • Noominal current: 2,5 A
  • Power coonsumption: 0,3 kW
  • Compressed air connection: min. 7 bar
  • Air consumption: 7,2 m³/h

Sealing parameters

  • Seal stamp: 100 mm Ø (Sondergröße auf Anfrage)
  • Seal lift: 25 mm
  • Sealing force: approx. 1,5 kN
  • Sealing time: 0,5 - 10 sec
  • Sealing temperature: 100 - 300 °C
  • Sealing capacity: approx. 1800 St./ h


  • (L x W x H) 1500 x 710 x 1870 mm
  • Working height: 910 mm

Product film

BaCo 1800