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We are ISO certified

We are a traditional enterprise with a long heritage and proven staff. But innovation is the motor behind all our endeavours. We continuously enhance our IT network, so we can be up to date in all our activities. A fact that will ensure fast ordering processes and smooth procedures.

There is one aspect where we never just rely on proven traccks - and that is your benefit. Because we rely on a distinct quality assurance ensurance system and have for many years fulfilled the needs of the requirements of the standards ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the internationally recognized standards for environmental quality management systems. Further, we follow the HACCP concept that ensures the safety of food products and their consumers and we our AEO certificate allows us to supply our products in a simplified procedure without any renewed certification across the entire Eurpean Union.

ISO 9001

The quality management system serves the orientation of all processes in our enterprise to meet customer satisfaction.


ISO 14001

The inernational environmental management standard 14001 sets forth internationally recognized requirements to an environmental protection management system. Ballerstaedt has decided not to have ISO 14001 compliance further renewed by an accredited company in a time-consuming process. We have made no changes to our environmental management system and continue to comply with ISO 14001.
Our products are manufactured in a way that conserves resources, as no water, no fossil fuels and no hazardous substances such as solvents or other production aids are used. The required energy is almost completely covered by our own power generation using photovoltaics. The resulting emissions can therefore be classified as low.
We will therefore confirm this in our own form until further notice.
Furthermore, we can confirm that all our main suppliers are certified according to ISO 14001 or at least by country-specific environmental regulations.
Our environmental targets are part of ISO 9001/2015 and are regularly monitored.
Compliance with applicable laws and directives relating to the environment is a matter of course for our company.


The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points Concept is a prevention system to ensure the safety of food and of the consumers.

AOE 110901

This certificate enables the company Ballerstaedt & Co. OHG and others to obtaim export permits for all of their products through the European Union in a simple procedure without being subjected to renewed inspections.


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